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Being Flat Footed Increases Knee Pain

New research suggests those with a flat foot or lack of an inner arch may be at an increased risk of developing knee pain later in life. The study involved approximately 1,900 adults aged 50 and older. According to findings, those with the flattest of feet increased their risk of developing knee pain by a significant 31 percent. Moreover, those same individuals were 43 percent more likely to have cartilage damage to the inner knee. While more studies are needed to determine whether flat feet causes the knee pain, whether knee pain causes the flat feet, or, perhaps a pelvic or spinal abnormality is also involved, those with knee pain should consider having their feet, ankles, knees, hips and spine checked out by their local licensed chiropractic doctor. Most chiropractors receive extensive training on the evaluation and treatment of all joints in the body, in addition to the spine.

Source: Arthritis Care & Research. Online January 10, 2011.